Annual Conference of the Weightlifting Federation of Kazakhstan

11:13 | 01 july 2017

On the 29th of June Karaganda hosted the annual conference of the Weightlifting Federation of Kazakhstan with the participation of Vice-President of the IWF - President of FTA of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhanat Tussupbekov.

The coaching staff of the National team of teams of Republic of Kazakhstan together with the head coach of the National team Yury Melnikov, Olympic champion Nizhat Rakhimov, silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Rio Zhazira Zhapparkul, the leadership of the regional branches of the FTA RK and others took part in the event.

During the Conference, the participants discussed the results of 2016, the results of the demonstrations of the National Team of Teams at international competitions, in particular at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

"From year to year our state and federation make more efforts to develop and popularize sports, thanks to which we have the opportunity to be proud of the achievements of our athletes at international competitions again and again. The past Olympics in Rio have become a vivid proof of this. Kazakhstan national weightlifting team won 5 medals, and won the second place in the number of medals, conceding only the Chinese team. However, we do not intend to be complacent, further is Tokyo, and I'm sure new victories and new achievements are waiting for us, "said the head of the FTA of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Zhanat Tussupbekov.

The main priority was the development of weightlifting in the regions. As the head of the Kazakhstan Federation noted, the current task of the FTA RK is to raise the popularization of weightlifting in all regions up to the level of Kyzylorda and Almaty regions. This will allow Kazakhstan's weightlifting firmly to take the first place in the world. In addition, Zhanat Tussupbekov expressed confidence that each of Kazakhstan's regions is capable of raising the world champions and Olympic champions: "In this regard we need to immerse ourselves in the work of regional federations, as well as continuously improve the training infrastructure and promote the coaches, specialists and athletes. As already noted, the state provides the assistance to the sport, and the task of the regional federations is to establish good working relations with the regional authorities for the joint development of weightlifting. "

Also within the framework of the event the composition of the National team of teams for the second half of the year 2017 was approved. (Composition in the appendix)

Leading coach of the national team of teams of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yury Melnikov:

- The next Olympic cycle has ended, and it was important for us not just to meet, but to sum up the results, discuss the work done on the mistakes, listen to the entire coaching staff and discuss the further plans. In addition, recently there was an important event - our Federation President was elected as the Vice-President of the IWF, which indicates of unlimited confidence in him and recognition of his achievements, both in Kazakhstan and abroad. Kazakhstan weightlifting school stand high favor and this is good to hear.

A separate section of the Conference was given to the changes in the Anti-Doping Rules of the IWF, as well as to the discussion of the adoption of new measures in the struggle for pure sport.

General Secretary of the FTA RK Omar Mustafin:

- In the fight against doping, our most important weapon is education. Every year we hold 7-8 general seminars, many meetings and individual conversations. Since this year, we plan to increase the number of awareness-raising and educational activities, and along with athletes to focus on their surroundings - personal trainers, masseurs and others. Our main task is to eradicate completely doping from weightlifting, and all the unscrupulous specialists who still believe that this is the only way to success. Doping is the path to lifelong disqualification and other punishments. Only hard work and fair competition lead to success! "


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