Official statement

08:05 | 24 june 2017

The Federation of Weightlifting of the Republic of Kazakhstan fully supported the official decision of the Disciplinary Committee of the Kazakhstan National Anti-Doping Center (KazNADС) on sanctions against Kazakhstani weightlifter Minniyarov Ildar, as in his competitive doping test the prohibited substance was discovered.

The disciplinary commission of the KazNADC considered the case of the athlete in accordance with the norms of the World Anti-Doping Code, and made a decision on the disqualification of I.Minniyarov. The period of disqualification will be four years and begins on April 11, 2017. Doping was detected in the samples sent by the KazNADC by the Anti-Doping Laboratory of Dresden, accredited by WADA.

It will be recalled that the Weightlifting Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan adheres to the principle of zero tolerance for doping and keeps special control over observance of anti-doping rules and norms by athletes in the regions. Detection of doping at the national level indicates the actual work being carried out by the KazNADC with full assistance of the FTA of the RK.

«Наша главная задача – воспитать здоровое, «чистое» от допинга, поколение спортсменов. Мы на всех уровнях стараемся разъяснить атлетам все риски, к которым ведет употребление допинга. Также мы используем свои механизмы контроля, чтобы выявить случаи нарушения на местном уровне и принять соответствующие решения и санкции. Ведь на сегодняшний день ущерб от употребления допинга для мирового спорта в целом и для казахстанского в частности, является огромным, и мы сделаем все, чтобы минимизировать это явление», - прокомментировал ситуацию генеральный секретарь ФТА РК Омар Мустафин.

"Our main task is to raise a healthy, doping "clean" generation of athletes. At all levels, we try to explain to athletes all the risks that the use of doping leads to. We also use our monitoring mechanisms to identify violations at the local level and to take appropriate decisions and sanctions. After all, to date, the damage from using doping for world sports in general and for Kazakhstan in particular is huge, and we will do everything to minimize this, "- commented on the situation Omar Mustafin, the secretary general of the FTA of the Republic of Kazakhstan,.


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