The chronicle of the second day

20:26 | 03 may 2017

The second competitive day of the Youth Games in weightlifting in Shymkent has come to the end.

In the category of up to 62 kilograms, Igor Son (122 + 150) became the undisputed leader. Both exercises were initiated by the representative of the Almaty region when the other participants completed their approaches. The closest pursuer - the representative from Karaganda, Igor Shvarts stopped at 246 kilograms in total and became the second (110 + 136). Third leader was Sayhan Taysuev (105 + 130).

Among women in the category up to 58 kg "gold" was won by Zhunis Guldana (72 + 94). In the second place with the same result was Belousova Elizabeth (72 + 86). "Bronze" remained for Astamirova Madina (71 + 87).

In the category of up to 63 kilograms, Pavlova Darya (86 + 104) was out of competition (was one of the best). Burova Anastasia won "silver" (78 + 90), and Nurlybekova Aray became the third (73 + 92).

The chronicle of the second day


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