Aigerim Aulbek: "Every victory is an achievement"

19:43 | 03 may 2017

Weightlifting representative Aigerim Aulbek knows the world platform very well. The 19-year-old female athlete won a silver medal at the Junior World Championship. Now her candidature is considering as one of the participants of the future Olympics, which will be held in Tokyo in 2020. At the same time in Japan, Aygerim can become one of the main characters of the Games. In an interview with a correspondent of, Aygerim, who recently won Youth Games in Shymkent, criticized herself, told about her personal support group and that a victory for her is the most important thing.

- Aigerim, at the Kazakhstan championships you literally do not descend from the pedestal. Are you counting your victories? After all, it’s already quite a lot.

- I would not say lot, for sure, there are athletes who have more. I approach each competition responsibly and prepare separately. And every victory for me an achievement, it might be small, but still is a step forward – a step towards greater goals.

- How do you evaluate your performance at the Youth Games?

- "Push" failed me. If in the "snatch" everything went according to the plan, I realized each of three attempts, then in the "push" I could not cope with the later two approaches. But it means that there is something to work on, and I will do my best to correct this mistake. Make it so that mistake will not happen again. If we talk about the evaluation, then for the "push" I would put myself a “D”!

- Despite the final victory?

- The main thing is the result. Especcialy, how much you raised in the end, based on your capabilities. Here I am capable of alotmore.

- What is your main victory for today?

- Second place at the World Junior Championships.

And what is the next goal?

- All of my forces and efforts will be directed to prepare and get to the Junior World Championship, which will be held in Tokyo in June. I will try and work on my feet, so that the "push" was on the level.

- So, the "push" is not your favorite exercise?

- When there is a result, every exercise becomes favourite, when something does not work, it is getting less favourite (laughs).

- On the platform we saw a quite tough fight with Assel Amangeldy. Is she your principal rival?

- Well no. We are all very good friends, we communicate quite closely. One second we are competing on the platform the next one - embracing, congratulating and supporting each other. So fight is only on the platform.

- What in your life brings you joy beside sport?

- Considering our tight schedule of fees and competitions, when we spend two months outside the house, great value and joy for me is communication with my relatives and friends.

- Surely they are your main support group?

- Yes, my main fans are my mother and coach, as well as my relatives and friends.

- Has your mother already become accustomed to such an extraordinary fascination of her daughter?

- Mom is still worrying much when she looks at my speech, closes her eyes, cries from excitement sometimes (smiles). Of course gets upset if there is something that does not work out for me, asks: "Daughter, why do you need this ?!". But, despite this, still supports me! For example calls me at difficult times and says: "Come on, do not give up, you'll succeed, you've already gone so far! You can not give up!". ForthisIamverygrateful!

In addition we can say that Aigerim Aulbek acts in the weight category up to 53 kilograms. Youth games are held in Shymkent, which started on the May 2nd. Weightlifters under age of 23 take part in the tournament.


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