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10:14 | 11 april 2017

For the first time in the history, National Junior Team of the Republic of Kazakhstan of weightlifting took the third place at the last World Championship in Bangkok, thereby securing the maximum number of licenses for the forthcoming 2018 Youth Olympic Games. Our team has six medals, including three "gold", one "silver" and two "bronze".

All-team standings: boys

1 place: China

2 place: Iran

3 place: Kazakhstan

4 place: Russia

5 place: Turkey

6 place: USA

7 place: Thailand

All-team standings: girls

1 place: China

2 place: Thailand

3 place: Kazakhstan

4 place: USA

5 place: Uzbekistan

6 place: Romania

7 place: Turkey

Senior coach of the National Junior Team of Kazakhstan BAKHYT AKHMETOV:

- I'm overwhelmed with wonderful emotions. We have been preparing for a long time, we have been intensively trained, the team was formed since last year and in December we started TC in Taraz, and then in Kazan. Athletes worked almost without days off, trained several times a day, hence the result. Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised that we took the team "bronze", because we had very strong rivals - national teams of such countries as China, Korea, and the USA…To get into the top seven and win a full set of licenses for OG - that was our main task, it turns out that we overfulfilled it (smiles). Out of 16 children, only four have experience of performing at international competitions, the rest were debutants, that's why every approach was valuable for us. To say that the guys were worried is not to say anything! Some girls just started to cry in front of the dais, and we had to worry about it (note: the coaching staff). In such cases, we slightly reduce the initial weight, so that the athlete feels confident. The mood of the athletes began the day before the start, before going to bed we talked to them, instructed to have a good sleep, and not to think about tomorrow's competitive day. Then, just before the entrance to the dais, we tried to calm the guys, reduce emotional tension. I will not praise or give out one person, all the guys are great fellows and each contributed to the common cause. We accomplished this task, now it's time to set new ones and go to the nearest goal - the 2018 Olympic Games.


Anatolii Savelev (up to 62 kg) brought the first "gold" to the coin box of the National Team of Kazakhstan. In total, our athlete raised 281 kilograms (127 + 154), five points ahead of the nearest pursuer - a representative of China (126 + 150).

- Preparation for this Championship was serious - we spent quite a lot of time at the training camps in Taraz and Kazan. Of course, I had a goal to go to this championship and adequately represent our Republic, to win "gold" - so it happened. First person who congratulated me was my coach - Klenovitsky Alexey Ivanovich. He prepared me, so to speak to this "world", and supported me in everything. In general, I want to thank all the coaching staff of the National Team. Further plans are to continue training and prepare for the next competitions without slowing down the pace.


Asylzhan Bektai (up to 77 kg), won a bronze medal. By the sum of two exercises, our weightlifter raised 306 kilograms (140 + 166). Moreover, in the jerk and in the snatch Asylzhan won small bronze medals. The first place in this weight with a world record was taken by a sportsman from the US with a result of 332 kilograms (140 + 192), and the "silver" went to the representative of Russia - 312 kilograms (142 + 170).


In the category of up to 63 kilograms, Darya Pavlova took second place - 201 (90 + 111), losing to Li Fang - 210 (93 + 117) from China.


The second "bronze" of Kazakhstan National Team was won by Karina Kuzganbaeva (94 + 113). The athlete performed in the category up to 69 kilograms. "Silver" in this weight was won by the athlete from Colombia - 209 (95 + 114), and "gold" was won by the representative of Ecuador - 220 (100 + 120).


- I’m pleased with the result, but I made a mistake in jerk. I understood my mistakes and I’ll work on them. The nearest plans are to visit family and close relatives, and then continue preparations for the next starts.

Artem Antropov became the champion in the category of up to 85 kilograms. On the sum of two exercises the athlete showed the result - 323 kilograms (148 + 185). The silver medal was won by the representative of Poland - 318 (143 + 175), and sportsman from Iran - 304 (132 + 172) became the bronze medalist.


- This is my second international start, the first was last year in Malaysia, in this category I became the 7th. At that time, I showed the result of 135 kg in a snatch and 174 in a jerk. Here I had very good prepared rivals. In the snatch, I was third, as this exercise is a little worse from the jerk, so we had the task of working on all three approaches in a snatch and making the gap between the rivals the smallest, and in the jerk catch up with them and win. It turned out a good fight. Many thanks to the coaches for preparing me for this start. Special thanks to our fans who supported us in the hall and those who followed our performance through the Internet.

In the category of up to 75 kilograms, the coin box of the Kazakhstan national team was replenished with one more gold medal. The author was 15-year-old Olga Pastuhova. On the sum of the double-event she showed the result - 211 kilograms (91 + 120), ahead of the representatives of Uzbekistan - 197 (89 + 108) and Mexico - 196 (90 + 106).

- For me it is the first "world", I am pleased with my performance, I fulfilled all six approaches, I took the first place. Impressions are only the most positive, although before the performance, I thought that it would be scary, but in fact it turned out not so, it was so cool! At the "world" there are completely different emotions than those we experience on the home stage. I felt the bar, courage, scare, rivals shout! On the snatch I won two kilograms, in the jerk the opponents finished at 108 kilograms, and I started with 110, then 115 and 120. I want to express my gratitude to our coaches for their work and support, without them nothing would have happened. Plans? To get to the Olympics and enter the top three. ForthisIwilldomybest!



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